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Action is the foundational key to all success
~ Pablo Picasso
Helen F. Kosinski, Professional Coach
Helen F. Kosinski
More Time,  More Focus,  More Success!
Better Than Ever Coaching
As a Small Business Owner or Corporate Leader, are you
currently facing any of the following challenges?
Too much to do, too little time
Uncertainty about your next step
The desire for financial independence
Never knowing who you can trust
Wondering if this is all there is

I work with small business owners and professionals. Through coaching, you will discover your personal definition
of success
and decide on the correct action steps to
achieve this

Additionally, we work together to figure out the best way to
manage your time and improve your financial situation,
while I provide you with the
support and objectivity of a
trusted confidante, sounding board and strategic

benefits of working with me are:
forward movement
accountability and

I have been where you are…whether it’s as a professional working for someone else, or as a small business owner.  I can
relate to the
frustration and uncertainty you may be feeling.  

I also know it is possible to
take strong positive steps that
change your situation, starting today!

I offer a
variety of ways to work with me.  Please visit my  
Coaching page and my Events page to learn more.

Would you like to
experience coaching first hand?  Please
contact me to setup a time for a complimentary half hour
coaching meeting, so that you can experience how having your
own coach will enable you to be
Better Than Ever!
Too Young To Retire Facilitator
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