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7 Ways to Eradicate Grumpiness
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Are you ready for spring?  I’ve happily noticed that it’s getting light earlier
and staying light later!  That means spring can’t be too far away, can it?  It
sure feels like this
winter has been very long.  I believe that’s in part
because of all the struggles people are dealing with right now, such as
the layoffs, financial woes, etc.  How has all of this affected you?  Have you
been able to stay insulated from it?  Or, do you feel like you’re fully
immersed?  If you feel like you’re right smack in the middle of it, have you
noticed that
you’ve been grumpy lately?  If so, today’s article has a few
great suggestions to eradicate grumpiness!  I hope you find it
fun and

Have a ‘
Better Than Ever’ month!

All my best,


Feature Article: 7 Ways to Eradicate Grumpiness

The winter weather is gray, the economy is gloomy, the news is FILLED
with doom, people are fearful…it’s enough to put even the most optimistic
person in a grumpy mood.  So, what about you,
have you been more
grumpy than usual lately
?  Here are 7 ideas that may help you eradicate
your grumpiness:

1. Laugh
When was the last time you really had a good laugh?  You know the type
where you’re laughing so hard that tears are rolling down your cheeks and
you can’t catch your breath.  Boy, can that make you feel better!  And,
sometimes, just laughing at yourself can make all the difference in the
world.  I was recently on a teleclass with marketing expert, Laura West.  
She began the teleclass describing the trials and tribulations she had
gone through while she was preparing for (of all things) this Law of
Attraction teleclass.  It seemed everything she touched had a negative
impact.  The last straw for her was when she discovered she just HAD to
stop to fill the gas tank of her car, otherwise, she’d be pushing the car
Instead of getting angry and more frustrated, she decided to
laugh!  That simple action changed everything.
 After her burst of
laughter, she had a great day, without any more glitches!

2. Express your gratitude
Have you ever noticed what happens when you say a genuine thank you to
someone?  It’s amazing!  Usually, as you’re saying ‘thank you’, you end up
smiling, which can really help to get rid of grumpiness.  In addition, when
heartfelt thanks, most people feel warmth permeate through their
body and often people can feel a vibrating sensation.  To be honest with
you, you don’t even need to be thanking someone directly, you can just
write down what you’re grateful for on a piece of paper.  As you do this,
really enjoy the positive sensations you feel.  It can be very powerful!  

3. Listen to some uplifting music
I was listening to the radio the other morning and the DJ was having a
tough day.  She was describing all of the things that had gone wrong.  The
next thing I knew there was a lively song on the radio.  Before long, it had
me tapping my feet.  After the song played, the DJ came back to the
listeners and said something like, "I feel so much better!  
How can
anyone be in a bad mood after that uplifting song?
"  What’s your favorite
toe tapping song?  Do you have it readily available?  If not, go to
http://mp3., search for your uplifting song and I’ll bet you
can buy the mp3 version for under a dollar!

4. Stop!
Sometimes when I get grumpy, the cause is because I’ve been going at
full speed for too long
.  Taking some time just to be still and not DO
anything can help enormously, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

5. Get outside, especially on a sunny day
Brrrrr!  Is that what you’re thinking?  Even getting outside on a cold day can
help to chase away a case of grumpiness.  I vividly remember as children,
my mother shooing us outside to play on cold days.  We’d have to keep
moving (also another great way to eliminate grumpiness…) to keep warm,
but we’d
have a great time just getting "aired out".  In addition, if you’re
lucky enough to get out in the sunshine, the vitamin D you get from being
outside for just 10 minutes has all kinds of
great health benefits!

6. Help someone
Have you ever noticed that when you stop focusing on yourself and start
focusing on someone else
, you feel better?  Who do you know that could
use a little help or TLC?  Maybe it’s as simple as bringing your elderly
neighbor’s paper up to their door on a snowy day.  Or, perhaps, your best
friend could use a shoulder to cry on.  Or, maybe there’s an organization
or association where you’ve been meaning to volunteer your time.  

7. Do something childish
When was the last time you did something you used to love doing when
you were a child?  Did you love to use an Etch a Sketch?  Bet you didn’t
know there’s an online version (! How about
games…what was your favorite game as a kid?  Did you like Chutes and
Ladders?  Trouble? Or, maybe it was kickball?  When was the last time
you read a kid’s book…just for yourself, not for your children?  
something silly
that you used to do and doing it now, can really put a
smile on your face!

I hope just reading through these 7 ways to eradicate grumpiness started
the process of moving you towards a GREAT mood (even if you weren’t


What's Next for You?

Grumpiness doesn’t have to linger.  Did you like the thought of doing any
of the 7 ways to eradicate grumpiness?  If so, are you willing to commit to
doing one or more the next time you start feeling grumpy?  Or, do you have
some other ways you like to chase away grumpiness?  We’d love to hear
what worked!  Please send an e-mail to:
mailto: with a brief description and I’ll
include it in a future issue of ‘What Could Be Better’.  Please let me know
if you’d like to remain anonymous.



-- Articles --

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by Clare Josa,-Mirror-on-the-Wall,-Who-is-the-Grumpiest-

-- Movie --
Grumpy Old Men

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Note: Mention of any of the above resources does not indicate

Readers Corner

Marianne Paskowski, a TV Week Columnist and Business Week
Contributor responded to last month’s newsletter on ‘Making History’ with
the following:

"As always, another thought-provoking piece from Helen who
challenges us again to stop and think outside our daily

In this case, the stumper is ‘How Do You Want to Be Remembered?’

Ugh. But it's the perfect question at this time of the year as we
dust off those already near forgotten New Year's resolutions. My
one and only is always the same: To make everyone I come in contact
with each day smile.

To do that, I give them an honest compliment. It's not that hard
if you just do it. Think about that friend of yours who has been   
struggling to lose weight and finally does. So tell her she looks
great. How hard is that?

Or when your husband gets a haircut, notice and tell him how nice
he looks. He might just empty the dish washer and that makes me

Your rewards will be many wide grins from people who seldom get
enough positive feedback in their hectic lives. And you'll be
grinning, too."

Keep smiling, Marianne!  Thanks for a great idea…it sure made me
smile!  And,
this is a great way to eradicate grumpiness, too!

Have you been grumpy lately?  Would you like to change this?  Working
with a coach can be the perfect way to
move from grumpy to happy!  To
learn more, please send me an e-mail  (
mailto: to set up a 30 minute
complimentary telephone meeting.

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