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Since 2005, trusted confidant and sage Helen Kosinski has partnered with small business owners and corporate leaders who are too busy to think straight. Together they unlock creative steps to strip away what isn’t working and replace it with an inventive work life, allowing her clients to freely enjoy what’s most meaningful to them.

Are You Crazy?

Last weekend, I was finally out in the garden planting the flowers I purchased a few weeks ago.  Up to this point, the horrible pollen had forced me to stay indoors. It was wonderful to be outside enjoying the light breeze, beautiful sunshine and digging in the dirt! I was having fun deciding which plants went […]


To-Do Lists: Reasons to Love Them

I love my to-do lists (yes, that is plural…lists!)! People seem to fall into one of two to-do “camps”.  Either you love them (like me) or you hate them and feel to-do lists are useless.  Here are the two biggest reasons I LOVE my to-do lists…  If I think of something I want to do, […]


Keep It Simple

Have you ever thought… “Life used to be simpler?”  This is something I recall my grandparents saying. When I’d hear them say this, I’d usually rolled my eyes and wondered how OLD they were! Today, we have so many modern conveniences!  Phones that talk to us, ovens that will turn on by themselves at the right […]


3 Steps to Make a Big Scary Change

Change is inevitable. For some people change terrifies them. They would rather hide and ignore change until there really is no other alternative but to give into the change. Other people tolerate change. They know it is part of life and yet it does not thrill them when they are asked to change something. Finally, […]


Are You Too Comfortable?

The winter doldrums are upon us here in the Northeastern United States.  Show of hands…  When it’s COLD and dreary outside, who jumps out of bed and is raring to go? I suspect a few of you are still eager to get moving. However, many of us would really prefer to snuggle deeper into our warm […]


Time to Decide

As I review the past few years and the transformations occurring both in my business and my personal life, a key factor in this process has been making solid decisions along the way. I have to share… Making decisions usually takes a VERY long time for me. For example, when I was in Corporate and […]


Time to Celebrate

It’s that time of year again, we’re faced with wrapping up one year and getting ready to launch into another one!  Some people are thrilled to be sending 2018 on its way!  Yet, others…well, they’d like time to stand still so it can remain 2018 forever. Unfortunately, stopping time from marching forward isn’t something that […]


Having One of THOSE Days? Shift Your Perspective

Have you ever had one of THOSE days?  It seems like for many people lately, having one of THOSE days is happening much more frequently.  Recently, I was having one of THOSE days…  Quite honestly, I was frustrated and fed-up with “it”!  I decided I need to spend a little time in nature.  As I […]


What If There Were No Obstacles?

I am really excited to be working with horses again! I have been taking horsemanship lessons at Emerald Hollow in Brewster and I’m partnering with Liz Adams, the Program Director for the Emerald Hollow Therapeutic Riding Center (https://www.emeraldhollow.org) to offer a few innovative programs using horses (some, even with “Coaching with a Horse” segments!)! Doing this […]


Tech is Kicking My Butt

I’m a planner (I can see those of you who know me shaking your head vigorously yes and saying “Yup!” or in the case of my husband, he is saying, “That’s an understatement!”).  I love to know what I’m going to be doing and when I’m going to be doing it.  I also seem to […]