Do It Differently!

Happy New Year!  It’s fun to think of all the possibilities that lie before you at the beginning of a brand New Year!  Do you have a new business or personal goal you are really excited about?     For many years in my business, I approached a New Year excited about how much I was […]


5 Steps to YOUR Fresh Start

Show of hands… How many of you automatically think of restarting school when you think of September? I sure do! Those of you who have children still in school probably really feel that way! Take a second to think about the significance of restarting school when you were a youngster. Did it mean seeing friends […]


Small Steps = Big Results

It’s a New Year!  It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions!  Many people start January full of good intentions.  They are really going to make some BIG changes in their lives!  They are excited, enthusiastic and then by the second or third week, these BIG changes have been kicked aside and they are back to their […]