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Workshops, Programs, Round Table Discussions and Women’s Walking Retreats are all different ways for you to take a SIGNIFICANT step forward.   Imagine how wonderful it will feel to make progress, gain clarity and start down the path to creating what YOU have always DREAMED of doing!

Here are some of the current events offered by Better Than Ever Coaching.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please click here to contact Helen.  She loves to create valuable customized events!

Women’s Walking Retreats 

Completely disconnecting from your responsibilities can be difficult to do.  You’re tethered to your phone, which allows everyone immediate access to you.  Most of the time, this helps you to be efficient and effective.  However, sometimes, peace, quiet and a time to ponder can make you even more productive.  Helen understands this and that is why she offers different Women’s Walking Retreats in Brewster, MA at Nickerson State Park.

The Paradise Path: Stepping Into Your Dream life – Provides you three hours to enjoy nature, as you give yourself  the time and space to de-stress, rejuvenate and reconnect with your dream life.

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Cool, Calm & Collected
: Discover EASY ways to STAY SANE when your life gets CRAZY! – Provides you time away from your GIANT to-do list, to learn simple tips and techniques to reduce your stress and ultimately allow you to be more productive.

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Customized Retreat
 – Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate an upcoming milestone or would you like to give your team time to reconnect, decompress and start to work together again like a well oiled machine?  A Customized Women’s Walking Retreat may be the perfect solution…

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Get Started Now: 5 Ways to Outsmart Procrastination

Does this ever happen to you?  You know you need to get something done.  It may even be something important.  And, you just can NOT make yourself get going on it.  You do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to avoid starting it, even pushing it off until tomorrow!  During the Get Started Now Workshop, Helen shares 5 ways YOU can use to outsmart procrastination.

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Tick Tock: Turning Time Management Into Time Choice

Do you constantly feel you have TOO MUCH TO DO?  Are you always JUGGLING competing priorities? Join us for this one-day, in-person event where you will uncover SPECIFIC s steps you can take IMMEDIATELY to ADDRESS your time challenges. 

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Reward for more time sign-compressedMaster the Clock

What would it feel like to have More Time?  Finally an approach to time management that is NOT mechanical! Master the Clock gets to the HEART of what Motivates YOU and uses this information to support the CHOICES you make every day! 

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Where Did The Day Go? 10-Day Challenge

Does this ever happen to you? You have a manageable list of things you want to get done. Before you know it, the day is done and you are wondering “Where Did The Day Go?”.  Take the Challenge to experience a new twist to Time Management…

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Ready Set GO!

Are you ready to create an inspiring beginning to the New Year?  Have you found goal setting to be tedious and possibly even boring?  

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Get-Clients-Now-3rd-Ed Get Clients Now!  

Would you like to have an endless stream of clients? How would you like to have over 100 tactics and tools for sales and marketing with step-by-step recipes for their use? 

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