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There is nothing more gratifying than having a HAPPY client!  

Here’s what people are saying about working with Helen…


As one of 2400 Realtors on Cape Cod, it’s critically important for me to maintain my competitive edge.  Helen initially assisted me through her “Get Clients Now!” program, which helped me create a system for efficiently and effectively identifying and pursuing new leads.  As my business grew and I began to feel overwhelmed with leads and clients, I called upon Helen once again.  Through her personal coaching program, we were able to pinpoint the bottlenecks and sources of stress in my business activities and craft solutions to eliminate them. Thanks to Helen, I am continuing to grow my business, but in a more streamlined, manageable, and ultimately more profitable manner. 

~ Marie Kelly, Realtor


“When I signed up for Master the Clock I knew I needed help with organizing my time and prioritizing what was important to me personally as well as professionally.  This proved to be an “enlightening  adventure”.  I say adventure because the “pre-work” for the workshop opened my eyes to exactly what I spend my time on daily.  And quite honestly, yes I accomplish a great many things each and every day, but my days are missing personal satisfaction. 

I was looking at my “pre-work”  thinking,  “how am I going to fit one more thing into my already full days?”  That’s what I was relying on you  to guide me through.   You did not let me down, you took the “pre-work”, broke it down with the entire group as we all watched our schedules unfold.  We talked about delegating items of less importance to free up quality time.  As a group we strategized with each other and gave each other feedback as well as ideas.  

I can’t thank you enough for providing me with this opportunity.  Life is about constantly changing and growing and you have proven to be a huge asset for myself and my business. “

~ Amy Babineau-Hardy, owner of Sparkle Edge Cleaning & Cape Cod Linens


“I have been with Helen for 4 years now, and she is my coach.  I was skeptical at the beginning on how can a coach help me in my different aspects of my life.  I was not only helped but reached freedom.

I will not go into details, but what a difference Helen has made in my life. I am much happier now, better at handling difficulties and challenges in my life. It is like someone in the dark and now I see the light.  The personal coaching I had and still have with Helen had helped me and continues to do so tremendously .  She sheds a subtle light about the things that are not clear to me. I talk about little and big things that are bothersome, and she guides me through them. We all need someone who is neutral and experienced in coaching to shed light on things that are not clear to us. When I’m done with every coaching cession, I feel a  relief, I have answers, and I say AHA.

I have to say this has made my life better…tremendously better.

Thank you Helen very much, you are THE BEST INDEED.

~ Dr. Ghada Massabni, Dentist


“(The Paradise Path Walking Retreat is…) Refreshing, enjoyable, insightful, fun.  And completely do-able, time wise!

~ Amy Mason, Owner of Stony Brook Design & Co-Owner of Deep Blue


“I have learned how to “market’ myself better.  I have gone far out of my comfort zone (with your help) in developing my relationship building and networking skills.

You listened to me and pointed out key thoughts/ideas I said on a recurring basis  that helped me understand myself and what I needed to do to develop my strengths.  It seems silly to say this, but I did not/could not pick up on the ideas by myself. “

~ M.H., Internal Audit Professional      


“My initial expectation was that I was going to find out some big secret that I was unaware of before. In reality, it  reinforced to me that what I needed to was plan and think things through more thoroughly and then ACT on it.  Your ability to ask the right probing questions led me to some great personal insights. Now, My organization is better, and my processes are much more defined.”

~ J.M, Financial Services Professional