A number of people I have talked to recently told me their lives have gotten so much more chaotic. Sometimes being overly busy is more of a state of mind than having a to-do list the size of a giant dictionary.  And, sometimes when we feel like we are in a tornado of chaos or as I like to call it the “Chaotic Swirl”, this is a signal of something other than just being busy. swirl

Here are some possible meanings:

  • You are COMPLETING something BIG and the “Chaotic Swirl” is the FINAL massive push you need to get it done.
  • You are PREPARING for something new.  You are NOT 100% sure what this new direction is going to be.  It’s as if you won’t really know where you’re heading until the dust settles from the “Chaotic Swirl” and then the next steps will become apparent.
  • You are READY to start down a brand new path.  You know EXACTLY what you want to do!  However, there is all this work to do, so how could you possible move into this new direction?  In this case, the “Chaotic Swirl” may be acting as a barrier or perhaps providing a viable excuse to prevent you from making this change.

These are only three possible meanings for your “Chaotic Swirl”, I suspect there may be many other meanings.  If you have experienced this at other times in your life, then you may already understand what this type of swirling means for you. 

After determining the meaning, the next natural question is — What do you DO when you feel your life is more chaotic than ever?  My knee jerk response is — it depends.  Yet, as I look closer at this question with these three different scenarios, one big question comes up for me:

         How much do you want whatever is on the
         other side of your “Chaotic Swirl”? 

Your answer to that question will determine your motivation AND it will also guide you to a plan for your next step(s).  For example, let’s take the 2nd scenario (your “Chaotic Swirls” are because you are PREPARING for something new, that is still not 100% clear to you), figuring out how much you REALLY want this new direction right now can be critical.  If you are “so so” about moving on to something new (there may be lots of things contributing to this, such as fear, timing, not enough resources, etc.), then maybe accepting the “Chaotic Swirl” and riding it out will provide you with the time to figure things out more completely.  Yes, that may feel like a waste of your precious time.  You may tell yourself, “You should just get going!”  And, sometimes giving yourself time and space results in the process ultimately taking less time because you didn’t zoom down the wrong path only to then waste a ton of time doing a course correction many months (or longer…) later.

Taking time to explore the meaning of your “Chaotic Swirl” AND your motivation for this change can be a difficult task and yet, the information you uncover could be invaluable.  One of the best ways to do this exercise is to schedule an appointment with yourself, keep that appointment and get some clarity about these two components of your “Chaotic Swirl”.  The results could be transformational!

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